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EP takes pride in manufacturing quality equipment. The company guarantees all products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when equipment is properly operated and maintained during the warranty period.

Liftrucks NZ Warranty coverage on EP Products.


1.1 If any product proves to be defective during normal use within the warranty periods, Hurricane Products will, without charge, repair, replace or adjust defective parts listed as follows:

Diesel/LPG Forklifts: motors, torque converters, gear boxes, drive axles, forks, chains, steering gears, hubs, pumps, brakes, lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders, steering cylinders, multi-function valves, high-pressure oil pipes;

Electric Forklifts: drive motors, hydraulic motors, electric controls, gear boxes, drive axles, forks, chains, steering gears, hubs, pumps, brakes, lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders, steering cylinders, multi-function valves, high-pressure oil pipes;

Replacement parts exclude those listed in Section 5

Note: The starter, generator and pump in motor are identified as wearable parts, whose warrant period is 24 months.  The injector pair is warranted for 12 months.

1.2 This warranty only provides replacement, and shall not bear any maintenance fees.

1.3 Liftrucks NZ is not liable for consequential damages resulting from use, e.g. any downtime losses, extra expense and loss of reputation shall be expressly excluded.

1.4 The warranty shall not be liable for any special requirements beyond those identified in Operating Instructions and Sales Contract.

1.5 Only EP units imported by Hurricane Products are covered.


2.1 According to coverage listed above, the warranty period is either within 2 years from the date of delivery or 2000 service hours, subject to whichever occurs first on all IC and mechanical parts and warehouse equipment except semi electric pallet trucks which is 1 year or 1000 hours

2.2 Warranty period begins on the date the goods are delivered to the end user.

2.3 To confirm the starting date, each dealer shall sign the delivery record, confirming the delivery day and initial time of receipt, and register sale on EP NZ website

2.4 All forklifts should be stored properly and prior to delivery, the equipment should be tested to ensure optimum performance.

2.5 All units must be serviced regularly as per owners manual

2.6 Hurricane Products to be invoiced at agreed warranty labour rate


3.1 Damages caused by improper maintenance or any use contrary to operating instructions. (Units must be serviced as per operators manual). No cover for abuse, misuse or alterations

3.2 Damages caused by exceeding rated capacity.

3.3 Instances where parts performance can be recovered after recommended adjustment.

3.4 Damage caused by force majeure.

3.5 Damage caused by unauthorized modification.

3.6 Equipment damage caused by improper storage/use or accident

3.7 Damage which occurs during transportation

3.8 Failure to follow operation manual

3.9 Equipment being modified or design change or parts replaced that are not approved by EP.


4.1 If forklift requires repairs, the customer is instructed to contact their dealer for evaluation and confirmation. We are not liable for damage arising from unauthorized repairs or use of replacement parts not provided by us, or rental unit.


5.1 All types of fluids and filters, such as lubricating oil, working oil, antifreeze, electrolyte, brake fluid, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, filter element, LPG system filter and other consumable parts within the warranty.

5.2 Electric components other than batteries, panels and matching load cells, shall not be covered under warranty:

a. Plugs, sockets, cable harnesses;
b. Distributors, ignition coils;
c. Fuses
d. Lamps, including bulbs
e. Components with contacts, e.g. relays (starting relay, intermediate relay & safety relay) and contactors;
f. Switches (brake, steering, reversing, lighting, zero, pre-heating starting etc.);
g. Heater plugs, ignition plugs, etc.

5.3 Other consumable parts, such as tyres, friction plates, brake shoes, fan belts, diesel engine nozzles, seal rings, seal gaskets, glass, nuts, bolts, spacers, washers, rubber (excluding pipeline).

5.4 Transport is not covered unless prior agreement

5.5 Travel & rental replacement not under warranty

Testimonials / Case Studies

I use my electric pallet truck EPT-20-15ET for moving bins and packed pallets from shed to cool stores.
It’s fantastic, in fact bloody marvellous. Once you have used one of these you will need one. I have used others but this is so much better in manoeuvrability. With the battery built in it is so easy to work in tight spots. I give it 10 out of 10 and will be purchasing another.

- Mark Jackson