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About EP Equipment New Zealand

EP provides a full range of storage and logistics equipment including material handling equipment and warehousing technology services. We meet your needs from small warehouses to large logistic centres.

EP Equipment New Zealand is a Liftrucks New Zealand brand. Liftrucks New Zealand are proud to be the sole importers into NZ of EP world award winning material handling equipment. A long path of 30 years being in business in Auckland and working alongside trusted dealers spread throughout the whole country have become Liftrucks New Zealand is a prestigious and respected market leader. At EP Equipment we strive to have honesty, integrity and respect for ourselves, our team, our suppliers and our customer.

We have in place warranty procedures for all of our EP products. We visit the factories at least once a year to review their quality procedures and to discuss new models being released. We know that personal contact with our manufacturers builds a strong relationship that benefits us all. With the quality products we import and the backing of the factories and ourselves, our customers have confidence in purchasing our products.


EP not only offers a full range of material handling equipment (including electric forklifts, electric stackers & electric pallet trucks), but also builds an international technology service platform with a team of experts in a constant attempt to meet the market demands.

The international management team is formed by industry experts in material handling from different countries such as USA and Japan. They have established a sales network with more than 300 distributors in around 40 countries around the world. You can learn more by visiting the international EP website.

Contact EP Equipment today to discuss your individual requirements.

Testimonials / Case Studies

We purchased an ES10 from the team at Hurricane Products for the moving of 200kg rolls of foil. The team are rapt with the electric stacker, they find it easy to use, reliable, gets the job done and extremely cost effective. The sales process with Jeff was one of the easiest I have had to deal with.

- Julian Arborline Products, Hamilton